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ZooKeeper is a distributed co-ordination service to manage largesetof hosts. Co-ordinating and managing a service in adistributedenvironment is a complicated process. ZooKeeper solvesthis issuewith its simple architecture and API. ZooKeeper allowsdevelopersto focus on core application logic without worrying aboutthedistributed nature of the application.The ZooKeeper frameworkwasoriginally built at “Yahoo!” for accessing their applications inaneasy and robust manner. Later, Apache ZooKeeper became astandardfor organized service used by Hadoop, HBase, and otherdistributedframeworks. For example, Apache HBase uses ZooKeeper totrack thestatus of distributed data. This tutorial explains thebasics ofZooKeeper, how to install and deploy a ZooKeeper clusterin adistributed environment, and finally concludes with a fewexamplesusing Java programming and sample applications.ThisApacheZookeeper App has been prepared for professionals aspiring tomakea career in Big Data Analytics using ZooKeeper framework. Itwillgive you enough understanding on how to use ZooKeeper tocreatedistributed clusters.Before proceeding with the ApacheZookeeper,you must have a good understanding of Java because theZooKeeperserver runs on JVM, distributed process, and Linuxenvironment.

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