1.5 / January 4, 2018
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Antarctic Adventure Conarium is a gloomyadventure horror based on works, where a player immerses in thestory of four scientists, and their attempt to challenge thesupernatural. To do this, it is necessary to explore the Antarcticbase, dreams and visions of scientists, to learn the clues, revealsecrets, to test alternative realities.
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    Antarctic Adventure Conarium
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    January 4, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    100 - 500
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How Days Gone is first and foremost the livingdead, who, instead of brains, have an insatiable stomach, arewillingly catered by all who turn up under the tooth, and drive thesurvivors to fortified camps without any blessings ofcivilization.It does not matter how the zombies are called in the nextpost-apocalyptic action movie Days Gone. The main thing is how wewill cope with them.The protagonist of Days Gone is Deacon St. John, he on the flychanged the tactics of exterminating zombies: he filled them withlogs, blew up barrels, lured to the rotten floor and fired at themwith weapons. Along the way, Deacon manifested himself as aninventive artisan, organizing himself a silencer from a part of anautomobile engine and so on.Deacon St. John, a go-getter from the days gone zombie game, amercenary and bounty hunter, still looks like Joel's stepbrother,who took the role of the hero Norman Ridus from The Walking Dead.He drives a motorcycle, owns all kinds of weapons, including hisown fists, and seems to prefer to act alone.The world of Days Gone is great, and in it there is alwayssomething to please the pursuers.In the game days gone zombie - Deacon goes to save the missingcomrade among the crowds of zombies. Deacon rushes on a motorcycleon a well-preserved road, along the way shooting the not-eatencorpse of a zombie. And then falls into the trap of twobandits!Further, the events of this zombie games unfold more interesting, abit later the motorcycle is discarded. And Deacon turns on his mindto determine which way the rider has gone.A trail of a friend leads to bandit camps. And now the prisoner isreleased, but the fight seems to be won. But the How Days Gone waris just beginning. From the nearest forest comes, staggering, hungwith scraps of barbed wire a zombie bear!Demonstrating the possibilities of daysgone use of the environmentcame out very convincing. But the developers were not satisfiedwith this. On a special panel, we were shown other options forpassing obstacles encountered by Deacon.Change of weather and time of day in days gone game really affectsthe world. We see that the bandit who has fallen into the trapbeckons to the crowd of walking zombies walking nearby, and insteadof tiptoeing past the camp of bandits, probably full of wonderfulsupplies, the hero daysgone arranges a blood bath for them.Zombies are burned in the fire from the Molotov cocktail, thebandits themselves finish the violently screaming victim to stopthe influx of uninvited guests of daysgone, and with the survivorsthe Deacon is cut off by several shots.In general, it is necessary to feel everything! Download How DaysGone zombie games on your phone or you will have tons ofemotions!
Antarctic Adventure Conarium 1.5 APK
Antarctic Adventure Conarium is a gloomyadventure horror based on works, where a player immerses in thestory of four scientists, and their attempt to challenge thesupernatural. To do this, it is necessary to explore the Antarcticbase, dreams and visions of scientists, to learn the clues, revealsecrets, to test alternative realities.Install Antarctic Adventure Conarium now!
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We propose to immerse ourselves in thefascinating world of the fantastic action Mass Andromeda's Effecton android!The plot of Mass Andromeda's Effect unfolds a few years after theevents associated with the invasion of aliens. Ark with tens ofthousands of representatives of various races in a state ofsuspended animation, go to the cluster of Elea for the study of the"Golden Worlds" - but those, it turns out, are not so golden andfor life are still unfit. And only one ark gets to the destination- the connection is lost with the rest.The search for new habitats is becoming one of the key themes ofthe game Mass Effect Andromeda app - the title of the pioneerprotagonist (or heroine) gets almost immediately. In total thereare five planets on which people and their cohabitants can bepopulated.However, only this plot line of the game mass effect is not limited- there is still the main villain Archon, the leader of the newrace of kett, who is a cliched scoundrel with a banal motivation.He does not cause fear, but only surprises with illogical actionsand appears too seldom to interest the player. Yes, and with kettare not really given to get acquainted - the first contact beginswith a shootout in the andromeda mass effect.And in this advantage andromeda vintage - here they tried to keepup with two rabbits, but the result turned out to be mediocre. Toengage in missions connected with the Archon, you can already afterthe second planet: to complete one by one several tasks, to see thedelightful and sometimes funny ending and get to the credits.The plot of the game andromeda substratum is well complemented bythe party members, and although they are infinitely far away fromGarrus, Liara and Tali, they can still catch something. Especiallygood characters are revealed during the missions of loyalty, whichare much more interesting than anything else that is in Andromeda.Turianka Vetra, constantly caring for her sister, is even moresympathetic. Cora, who has a special relationship with theprotagonist, turns out to be a very caring and considerate girl.Liam in general is one of the most memorable tasks.The process of studying the planets Mass Andromeda's Effect playerswill find very exciting. On the first planet (Eos) you can enjoydriving in colorful locations.The combat system in Mass Effect Andromeda app was excellent,especially thanks to the appearance of the hero dzhetpaka. With himin the shootings appeared "verticality", allowing you to jump onthe upper floors, as well as shoot at enemies, hanging in the air,then back back behind the shelter. In addition, you no longer needto pre-attach to a certain class - when creating a character thisitem is not.Download game Mass Andromeda's Effect on android.
Road of Allison Horror 1.5 APK
Game Road of Allison Horror is defined as"horror on the survival of the old school with a first-person view,with the mechanics of adventure games and next-generationgraphics."In the game Allison Horror, users will have to explore themysterious English mansion as an unnamed hero who has lost hismemory. For five nights, he needs to find members of his family,unravel the secrets of the house and face the ghosts that live inhim, one of whom is called Lily."What would you do, feeling that someone or something is hunteddown from the darkness of your own home? If you could notunderstand what is real and what is not? Should not the house be aplace where you are completely safe? Not in the Allison Road horrorgame. "Horror Aliison Road impresses with its technical side and attentionto detail. The authors spent a lot of time and effort to ensurethat we could enjoy the game Road of Allison Horror survival.Creators of Aliison Road on the phone have already managed toattract the attention of thousands of users and get the requirednumber of votes in the rating service. And time will prove that thegame deserves this status, and the time spent on it.Aliison Road can be installed on any phone without any problems. Inthe future, the Creators promise to support the helmet of virtualreality, but its use will be optional. You can follow the progressof the project development on this page.Recall that Allison Road is a technological first person horrorstory, telling of a five-day survival in a house in which there issome kind of evil force that craves the death of all who come toher house.Adds colors to the story survival games constant uncertainty, youcan never predict and really put yourself in the place of the maincharacter who lost his memory. In the process of passing the heroof Road of Allison, Horror will find a lot of items that will servehim as a weapon. Which items, you will learn in the process ofplaying allison road.Also you have to unravel the history of the appearance of this evilspirit, there will be periods when you will become allies with him.He will help you, so that you can illuminate the events ofold.By the end of the game allison road will be covered by a terriblesecret. The protagonist will resume memory again, and establishrelations with others. The ending of the game will really make youwonder, and not just from horror.Download game Road of Allison Horror on android.
Cthulhu's Calling! 1.5 APK
Cthulhu's Calling! is an adventure game basedon the "Myths of Cthulhu" by a famous writer. In the plot, the gameis an RPG-investigation with the mechanics of psychological horrorand stealth, with the presence of semi-open locations, beautifulgraphics and high-quality sound.Install Cthulhu's Calling! Now!